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Origin and history of coaching


The English word „coach” means „carriage“. Its use can be traced back to 1556 and it comes from a Hungarian word. The carriage is the mean of transport which gets you from the place where you are right now to the place where you want to be. Coaching has a similar target: It enables you to get from a situation which you currently experience to the situation which you wish to achieve. Since 1885 coaching is used in the area of sport and in 1976 Timothy Gallwey transferred the coaching from the world of sport into the business world. Coaching became a profession at the end of the 80s in the USA.

It came to the Czech Republic only a few years ago and since then the number of fans has been growing. It is rapidly gaining popularity, also because it is considered as a fully-fledged development method in the same way as ordinary training. It is based on various scientific fields such as philosophy, positive psychology, NLP, Brain- Based coaching and others.


Coaching is about encouraging professional cooperation to help people bridge the gap between where they are and where they want to get in their personal or professional life. It focuses on results and facilitating insights („aha moment“) and getting the coachee to find their own conclusions. Then the coach leads them to engage in taking action. Coaching looks at „ how“, not „why“!

The coach is a certificated, educated and integrated person, a sensitive diplomat and an empathic guide on the journey towards your goals.

Coaching is a new field wherein qualifications and ethical standards are developed by professional coaching organisations:

  • At international level: The International Coach Federation (ICF)
  • • In Czech republic its Czech subsidiary: ICF Czech Chapter