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Personal coaching

Coaching – We are happy and successful so why do we need coaching?

In today’s hectic and rapidly changing environment it is more and more important to help people adapt to it. Change is not easy and it requires above all our will, effort and attention. The person who wants to accomplish any change (leading a team, successful running of the company, taking a new life direction etc.) needs to be directed and shown that there are more resources; this is the task of coaching.

Coaching focuses on going forward instead of analysing the past, coaching is not a therapy neither a consultation. The coach works with their clients to make them better persons but coaching is not the whole answer. It requires your will and enthusiasm to take it up.


How we see the cooperation between the coach and the client?

At the first meeting we look together at your theme, we get your expectations in line with your possibilities and reality; we answer all your questions and set up the framework for an eventual cooperation. If we agree to work together, we will sign an agreement.

The best thing of the trial session is the direct experience and the possibility to get some inspiring personal goals which you will set up with the coach.

The coach and the client also see if they want to and can work together. It is important that they are in tune with one another and trust one another. In English we sometimes call it „Chemistry meeting“.

The first meeting lasts for about 90 minutes and costs 800 kc. If we agree on further cooperation, it will most probably look like this:

Coaching which leads to creating new lasting habits and achieving long-term goals

  • 12 sessions in the course of 3 or 6 months
  • The length of a session is about 90 minutes (interval between sessions is 1 up to 2 weeks)
  • Face-to-face or conference call (Skype)

Coaching which looks for solutions for the current issues where a decision is needed or some dilemma has to be solved

  • Individual number of sessions
  • The length of a session is about 60 minutes
  • Face-to-face or conference call (Skype)