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Workshops tailored to your needs

We believe that a company with a pleasant working environment and healthy communication based on mutual respect offers space for new ideas that helps it to be successful in the face of strong competition.

Workshops tailored to your needs


A „balanced“ company's culture

Why a business needs to have a balanced company's culture? A company's culture influences the employees' motivation and surveys show that the employees are more effective if their personal values are aligned with the values of their employer. A balanced organizational culture encourages a climate of fairness and a friendly atmosphere. As a result people feel happier. They can be themselves without fear and uncertainty and are more open to new incentives, ideas and changes to give their best at work.


  • to measure the different leadership styles in managing a business and understand them; to understand how they contribute to the overall firm's atmosphere
  • to define needs, drivers and shared values of individuals and the organization
  • to reinforce transparency, trust and mutual respect
  • to answer the question „HOW“ in order to improve organizational culture


Sensitive leadership

What does one need to do to make the maximum profit from their natural strengths, acquired technical skills and everyday habits while building and leading a team? Sensitive leadership is aware of difference, builds on strengths and is able to work with the potential of each employee. Adequate basic coaching communication and understanding of the magic of our social mind can tap into performance, creativity and trust and encourage effective cooperation with others. It will teach you how to run meetings with grace, how to have challenging assessing conversations with ease and how to facilitate positive changes.


  • to understand the basis of the neuroscience of cooperation with others and to be able to improve the performance of others
  • to reinforce the ability to have effective conversations with people and to give powerful feedback
  • to learn the basics of such coaching conversations which improve creative thinking in others


Balanced leadership

Who is a „balanced leader“? It is the leader who combines the elements of a logical analytical, linear way of thinking with the elements of non linear thinking. A balanced leader often has a natural authority, uses intuition and empathy. He is not afraid of showing his emotions, allows himself to be vulnerable (but not weak) and possesses the will to build sincere, human, inspiring relationships. The goal of this program is to show the importance of applying both principles of the brain's left and right hemisphere and to teach people how to maximize their potential.


  • to understand the role of the emotions, to harmonize men's and women's principle of leadership styles
  • to evaluate the emotional and cultural climate of the team and identify its key qualities
  • to reinforce the relationship of the leader with his subordinates while maintaining the respect of the whole team
  • to increase the skills of a „ balanced“ leader


The magic of women in the management

Women in leading positions often have doubts about their leadership style. Either they receive little feedback or they are not able to ask for it. This program is aimed at women at different levels of the corporate or company's ladder. The goal of this program is to reinforce their management skills and self confidence. In an environment of trust with other women, every participant can share her experience and reveal her dilemmas in career development. The utilization and retention of women’s talent are the main axes of this program.


  • to discover your unique gift your strengths, values; be proud of them and maintain them
  • to become visible and build your own brand (self-branding)
  • to learn the advantages of balanced leadership, where men's and women' s approaches to leadership form a unity
  • to support diversity
  • the activation of your network so you get what you need