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Leden 2014Rozhovor pro časopis dámského investičního klubu, České Spořitelny,  Lady In.

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2012 Magazine „Extraordinary  Woman“ - S-Press Publishing, Czech Republic

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Book „Extraordinary  Woman“ - S-Press Publishing, Czech Republic, 2013.

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Public Speeches

2013-5th annual conference of  Equal pay day
Jitka Jetlebova as one of the mentors of the 5th annual,  local conference „ Equal  Pay Day“  in the Czech Republic organized by Business and Professional Women  NGO.  Equal Pay Day or  EDP is a world wide innitiative  pointing out to differences  between men and women’s income.  All women who participace in this conference have  a free mentoring offered by significant and experienced  czech women top managers and business owners.

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WIN - Women International Network

Jitka  Jetlebova  as a coach and speaker at an international WIN  conference  in Prague – Women International Network.

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Profesia days 2013- HR Days

Jitka Jetlebova  as one of the main guests at a job fair  „Profesia Days“ 2013- HR  Days  for professional public and  as a participant at a panel discussion :“ Happy employee,  performing employee“.

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